4 Signs You Need a Wheel Alignment in Amagansett NY with Bock Auto Corp image of silver sedan hooked up to alignment machine in shop

4 Signs You Need a Wheel Alignment in Amagansett NY

With your wheels properly aligned, you can enjoy a truly smooth ride as you pilot your vehicle all over town. Since regular wheel alignments improve fuel efficiency and reduce tire wear, too, your travels will cost you a lot less over time. 

4 Signs You Need a Wheel Alignment in Amagansett NY with Bock Auto Corp image of silver sedan hooked up to alignment machine in shop

But how are you supposed to know that it’s time to get a wheel alignment done at your Hamptons NY auto repair shop? Just look for these four signs. 

Uneven Tire Wear

When your car’s suspension geometry is all out of whack, your tires will wear more on one side than the other. With your alignment out of spec, it’s also common to see wear accelerate, resulting in the need for new tires far sooner than expected.

The problem worsens if you do not get your tires rotated as recommended by your mechanic. And if you drive your car with your tire pressure too high, the center tread will wear out sooner than the rest. If your tire pressure is too low, then say an early goodbye to the tread at the shoulders instead.    

Pulling to One Side

When your tires are not in proper alignment with each other and the overall suspension geometry, the battle begins. As the tires fight against each other, you’ll definitely feel it in the steering wheel.

As a result, your car might pull to the left or right, leaving you feeling wore out by the end of your drive. The pulling could also put you at risk of an accident as it worsens and sends you over the center line or onto the shoulder.  

Squealing from the Tires

A great wheel alignment reduces friction, so your tires can roll smoothly down the roadway. If their alignment moves out of spec, then you can expect to hear about it in the form of loud squealing sounds from the tires.

As the squeal goes on, you’ll just know that you’re losing rubber fast and getting ever closer to needing a new set of tires. Ignore it and you’ll end up buying more tires than necessary over the life of your car.

Crooked Steering Wheel

As you’re driving straight down the road, your steering wheel should sit fairly straight as well. If not, then you likely need to get an alignment done. A crooked steering wheel is often the first sign of a bad alignment, so act fast to avoid all the other signs.

By getting an alignment done early and often, you can keep your tires in great condition through the years. You can then get every last dollar out of your investment while staying safe on all your travels.

Time for a Wheel Alignment? Visit Your Mechanic at Bock Auto

If you prefer to stay on top of things well before any signs of a problem occur, ask our team at Bock Auto when to come in for a wheel alignment. We’ll happily look over your service history and have a skilled mechanic perform an inspection to see if it’s time for an alignment.

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