Fleet Services

Keeping Your Fleet On The Road in Amagansett, East Hampton

Fleet Service

Fleet Services and Repair

For those businesses who employ a fleet of vehicles, those vehicles staying on the road, dependable and ready to take on the next job, is paramount to having a profitable, thriving business.

We understand that having a vehicle from your fleet in the shop is more than a minor inconvenience. It costs you money every hour that vehicle is down.

At Bock Auto, we’re here to provide fleet services to keep your vehicles on the road and make you money.

Fleet Services | Bock Auto in Amagansett, NY. A Sprinter van that is part of a fleet is in for fleet service work in Amagansett, NY.

How We Do Fleet Services

Fleet work can’t be done like every other vehicle that comes in the shop. Efficiency has to be taken to an entirely different level. 

To keep your fleet on the road, we’ll work with you before the date of service to do everything we can to make sure all needed parts are in stock and ready for installation.

We’ll give your fleet vehicles priority service to minimize downtime.

A custom maintenance program can be developed that will help keep your vehicles from breaking down in the first place. Keeping a vehicle in great condition is much more cost and time efficient than allowing your fleet to slip into sub-standard condition.

Let’s Talk About Fleet Services and Your Other Fleet Needs

If you’re reading this, you’re obviously looking for someone to take care of your fleet of vehicles. We want to be your partner. Let’s take things to the next step and set up a time to talk. Give us a call at 631-267-5631 and ask for Erick.