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BG Maintenance Services in Amagansett, NY and Nearby Areas

Bock Auto is a proud user of BG products to extend the life of our client’s vehicles. BG is a manufacturer of premium additives that are used to clean, protect, and restore the lubricated components of your vehicle.

Most additives are commonly thought of as “snake oil”. Any time we use a product in our clients vehicles it is because we’ve personally tested that product and have seen a positive impact from using it. Our experience shows us that BG products are the best of the best. We not only use these products in our client’s cars, we use them in our own.

BG Maintenance Services: A BG fuel system induction service being performed on an Audi

Bock Auto Offers The Following BG Services

Scheduling BG Maintenance Services

Scheduling an appointment is easy. Use our online scheduling form to request a service date or give us a call at 631-267-5631