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New Tires, Tire Repairs, Tire Balancing, and Wheel Alignment Services

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Topnotch Tires and Alignments Services in Amagansett, NY

Bock Auto is your choice for tires and alignments in the Hamptons.

We can get tires of every size and every brand, and we make it a point to match you and your vehicle up with the best tire for your needs and budget.

Your tires are your vehicle’s connection with the road. Your tires affect the way your vehicle rides, handles, and maintains traction. They are arguably the most important safety item on your vehicle.

Whereas tires have become somewhat of a commodity item, we have chosen to be different and take tires seriously. When you want the right tire for your needs, and not just the one that a tire dealer had in stock, come to Bock Auto.

Tires and Alignments: A nail is shown being removed from a tire for tire repairs at Bock Automotive

At Bock Auto, Tires and Alignments are our specialty.

When it comes to tires, people usually only think about them when they need a new set or when they have a flat. There’s more to tires than that. Here is a list of the tire services we perform.

  • Tire mounting (up to 24”)
  • Tire balancing
  • Tire repairs
  • Tire pressure monitoring systems (diagnosis and repair)

2 And 4 Wheel Alignments

To make sure you are getting the most life out of your tires, an alignment should be performed once per year, any time you hit a large pothole or anything that causes a severe impact to a wheel, or every time you replace your tires.

At Bock Auto, we have one of the only alignment machines in the area. When we do an alignment, we adjust all angles that are not in spec. Many shops will “set the toe and let it go”, but to do a proper alignment, the toe, caster, and camber need to be adjusted. We will do a proper alignment on your vehicle.

Scheduling Your Tires And Alignments Services with Bock Auto

Scheduling an appointment is easy. Use our online scheduling form to request a service date or give us a call at 631-267-5631