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Air Conditioning Service & Repair

You want your car’s air conditioner working during the warm, humid summers. And even though you have the air conditioning checked in early spring, things can still go wrong. 

Bock Auto provides AC service and repair in Amagansett, NY to ensure you can ride in comfort again. If the air conditioning isn’t working properly, immediately contact Bock Auto for an appointment.

We work on all cars, but we specialize in European car brands like Mercedes, BMW, VW, Audi, Porsche, Jaguar, and Rover. We’ll be more than happy to address your European auto repair needs.

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Components of an Air Conditioning System

Any one of the components of an air conditioning system could fail at any time. Many components never show wear and tear. This means that no auto technician can see when the auto air conditioning will fail under certain circumstances.

Here are the components of a car’s air conditioning system and how they can fail. 


The compressor has many moving parts. It is also plugged into the wiring system to receive signals from the climate control module. The clutch, the veins, and even the electronics could fail at any time.


The condenser looks similar to a small radiator. It could develop a hole or become clogged with debris, usually from a failed air compressor.

High- and Low-pressure Hoses and Lines

The construction material varies depending on the location of the hose or line. Most air conditioning hoses are made from rubber which can handle high pressure. Some are made of steel. 

Regardless of the material, the hose could develop a leak via a pinhole or at a crimped spot.

Auto AC Service & Repair | Bock Auto in Amagansett, NY. Image of aluminum air conditioning tubes with a cap, located in the diesel engine compartment.


The make and model of the vehicle determine whether it has a drier or accumulator. They both perform the same job—removing moisture from the refrigerant—but they are located in different places within the system. Every time a car AC repair technician opens the system, they must replace the drier or accumulator.

Expansion Block or Orifice Tube (O-tube)

Whether your vehicle has an expansion block or O-tube depends on the make or model. These parts reduce the refrigerant pressure before it is sprayed into the evaporator. These can become clogged. 

Like the drier and accumulator, the expansion block and O-tube must be replaced every time a car AC tech opens the system.

Regardless of what failed on your car, our car air conditioning techs in Amagansett, NY can repair the system and have you riding in comfort in no time.

The Best AC Service & Repair in Amagansett, NY

If your car’s AC is not blowing cold air, the AC system is not working, or you have malfunctioning AC components, contact Bock Auto in Amagansett, NY for an appointment. 

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