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Why is My Car A/C Blowing Out Warm Air?

From the compressor to the blend door, car A/C blows hot for many reasons. If your car aircon is not working or won’t get cool enough, contact Bock Auto in Amagansett, NY for car air conditioning repair.

Bock Auto has the equipment to determine the problem and make air conditioning repairs to get you comfortable in the summer heat.

Here are some reasons why your car A/C blows warm air.

The System Has a Leak

The compressor turns the refrigerant into a liquid using pressure. Even a pinhole in a hose or the condenser could cause enough leaks for the air conditioning system to blow warm.

Parts wear out because they are constantly working. Metal and rubber do not last forever. You won’t be able to see a leak because the refrigerant is invisible to the eye. Our air conditioning technicians in Amagansett, NY use a special dye to locate the leak so that we can repair it.

Compressor Does Not Engage

The refrigerant is a gas. The compressor compresses it into a pressurized liquid so that it can circulate through the system and absorb the hot air in the vehicle.

The compressor comprises many parts, and all are susceptible to wear and tear, especially the clutch and the veins. If the compressor is not working, the whole system shuts down since it cannot force the gas into a liquid, which is needed to absorb the heat from the cabin.

Electrical Problems

The compressor needs to get its power from somewhere. A network of fuses, switches, wires, and relays helps the compressor operate safely. If something malfunctions, the computer tells the compressor to shut down so that the issue does not cause a fire in the engine bay.

The experienced air conditioning techs at Bock Auto in Amagansett, NY have the diagnostic equipment to track down an electrical problem with the compressor.

Blockage in the Air Conditioning System

If the system has a blockage, you need experienced techs for auto A/C repairs. In many cases, the blockage is in the condenser, though the dryer, accumulator, orifice tube, or expansion block could be blocked.

The condenser cools the refrigerant as it passes through. A blockage in the condenser or another part causes the refrigerant not to cool or move through the system.

Our air conditioning technicians in Amagansett, NY will locate the problem and have you back on the road as quickly as possible.

The Blend Door Does Not Close

Blend doors are located in the ventilation system. They allow you to change the temperature to heat or cool the vehicle. If a blend door does not close, the system pulls warm air from the engine bay instead of the cool air from the air conditioning system.

The bend doors are behind the dash and are very difficult to reach. Our Amagansett, NY air conditioning techs have the tools and equipment to get to the blend doors to replace them.

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