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What Are BG Services & Why Are They Critical for Your Vehicle?

Your vehicle needs to be properly cared for to maintain efficiency and reliability. BG services can help you keep your car or truck in superb condition, so you can always count on it to get you from point A to point B without trouble. Here’s what you need to know about BG services and why they’re important for your vehicle.

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Superior Service With BG Products

BG is a renowned manufacturer of superior auto repair and service products that are designed to enhance the efficiency and performance of any vehicle. We believe in the ability of BG products to clean, restore, and protect vehicle components because we’ve seen them in action first hand. We choose BG products for our customer’s vehicles, the fleets we service, and for our own cars.

Being Proactive With Your Vehicle Maintenance

Below we’re going to talk about some common issues that certain BG services may resolve or reduce the symptoms of. When some of these conditions are present, it may simply be too late for a maintenance service to help. In some cases, we’ll know immediately that maintenance isn’t going to fix the problem. In other cases, we may recommend performing a maintenance service with these superior BG products to see if an expensive replacement of a major component can be avoided. In all cases, it’s better to perform maintenance as a PREVENTATIVE measure before problems occur.

BG Services Offered by Bock Auto

Bock Auto is proud to offer our valued customers the following BG Automotive Maintenance Services:


If your transmission is chattering, stalling, hard shifting, or slipping, it could possibly benefit from a service. A BG Transmission Service suspends and dissolves particulate deposits in your transmission fluid, removes the old fluid and suspended debris, and fills the transmission with clean, top-quality transmission fluid that features oxidation inhibitors, seal conditioners, and other high-performance additives.

Power Steering

Your power steering components may need service if they are making noise or if it’s becoming more difficult for you to steer your vehicle over time. A BG Power Steering Service dissolves hardened deposits inside the pump, rack or gearbox, and reservoir – and drains the particle-filled fluid for disposal. Contaminants that have accumulated in the reservoir are removed and clean power steering fluid is added with special conditioners that help care for and preserve seals.

Drive Line

The BG Drive Line Service is designed to remove dirt and debris that have accumulated in the drive line and cleans the bearings and gears of hardened, accumulated deposits. Old lubricant is replaced with fresh, high-performance lube that conditions seals for improved gear shifting, quieter driving, and a longer life span of the driveline components.

Cooling System

When your cooling system just isn’t cutting it, a BG Cooling System Service can help. First, the entire system is cleaned to remove dirt, debris, and built-up grime in cooling system components like the radiator, water pump, and thermostat. Once the system has been thoroughly cleaned, new coolant will be added. The result is a more efficient cooling system with a reduced likelihood of overheating.

Fuel System

Your fuel system may be in trouble if you’re starting to get fewer miles to the gallon, your vehicle has a rough idle, your engine pings, or you lose power. The BG Fuel System Service cleans out the throttle body, the intake ports and valves, the combustion chamber, and the fuel injectors to increase your vehicle’s ability to use fuel more efficiently.

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BG services help keep your vehicle running in peak condition for longer, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with a breakdown when you least expect it. They’re also an important part of making sure your vehicle is well-taken care of and the components last as long as possible. Contact Bock Auto for more information about BG services or to book your appointment at (631) 267-5631.

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