7 Things to Do During 2023 Spring Car Care Month in Amagansette, NY. Image of young couple taking a drive with windows open on a nice spring day. They are wearing sunglasses and the passenger has her feet propped up on side view mirror.

7 Things to Do During 2023 Spring Car Care Month

April is National Car Care Month. It’s the best time to “spring clean” your vehicle to remove the salt and other grime stuck to its underside and paint. Salt and other ice-melting chemicals applied on icy roads during winter can do much damage to your car’s paint, chrome, engine, suspension, wipers, and more.

Now is also an excellent time to prepare your vehicle for upcoming road trips. It gives you enough time to make larger repairs without dipping into your road trip money. 

Do the following maintenance tasks, especially if you skip doing them during the winter months or if you store your vehicle.

1. Tires & Alignment

If your vehicle has winter tires, it’s time to put the summer tires on or switch to all-season tires. Otherwise, you need to check the tire tread to ensure it is at least 2/32 of an inch, not dry-rotted, and not separated.

You should also do wheel alignment if you haven’t done it since last spring. It’s usually recommended to align your wheels at least once every year. And one good time to do alignment and various tire services is during Spring Car Care Month.

2. Engine Oil Service

If your vehicle sat for the winter, you should change the oil. Otherwise, follow your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended schedule—usually between 5,000 and 7,500 miles. Note that you should also check for a clogged oil filter; if it’s clogged, change it, too. 

If you are unsure how often you should change the oil and the oil filter, call our auto shop (you can never go wrong with Bock Auto), and we’ll let you know what your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations are. 

3. Brake Inspection & Services

Spring Car Care Month is also a time to check the brakes on your vehicle. Not just the pads, though. You should also have the calipers, rotors, drums, shoes, and wheel cylinders checked. It would also help to look for leaks along the brake lines and hoses and near the master cylinder and the ABS computer.

4. Steering and Suspension Services

Your vehicle’s steering and suspension take a lot of beating during the winter months, especially toward the end of the winter. Freezing roads tend to grow potholes (especially at the point where the roads thaw) and then refreeze. This usually happens several times as we transition from winter to spring. 

Thus, during Spring Car Care Month, ensuring nothing on the suspension and steering systems is jostled loose is a good idea.

5. Belts and Hoses Replacement

These components are subject to significant temperature changes, especially during the winter. They’ll go from freezing in cold temperatures to basking in the heat of the engine compartment every time you drive the vehicle. 

This constant temperature change takes a toll on rubber parts such as belts and hoses. Thus, it’s crucial to inspect belts and hoses and replace them if necessary. 

6. CV Axles Replacement

Another component that takes a beating during the winter months is the CV axles. If your vehicle is a front-wheel drive, you should check the boots to ensure they are still in place and not cracked. If you hear a clicking when you turn a corner, chances are one of the CV axles is broken.

7. Fluid Checks

Finally, always check the fluids in your vehicle, including the coolant, washer fluid, oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, and brake fluid. If it’s been four or five years since you’ve had the fluids flushed and replaced, then this month of April is the perfect time to do that.

Perform Important Car Care Services with Bock Auto

Spring Car Care Month or not, Bock Auto is here to help you keep your car in good condition at all times. We offer a wide range of preventative and factory-recommended services to keep your vehicle in optimum condition. We’ll also give valuable tips and guidance on how to take good care of your vehicle. 

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