Pre-Trip Inspection for Holiday Traveling

Pre-Trip Inspection for Holiday Traveling

A pre-trip inspection significantly reduces the risk of breaking down while you are on the road. From lights to tires and everything in between, Bock Auto checks your vehicle for upcoming maintenance and worn-out parts. It won’t do to have a flat tire or have the brakes go out while you are hundreds of miles away from an auto technician you trust. The best time to check the vehicle is about a week before you leave. 

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What Bock Auto Checks in a Pre Trip Inspection

When you bring a vehicle in for a pre-trip inspection at Bock Auto, we have a complete checklist so that we are sure not to miss anything. Granted, we can’t tell when many parts, such as the sensors and computers, are going to go bad because they do not show wear, but we check everything that we can see. 


We check the tires for signs of separating and low tread. We also check for abnormal wear. Depending on where you are going, and the type of driving you are doing, you might consider switching to winter tires. For example, if you are heading into the mountains where there is a lot of snow, you might fare better with winter tires. However, if you are going south, all-season tires would be better. 


We do more than a cursory check of the brakes. We check the brake pads, brake hoses and lines, calipers, drums and shoes, rotors, wheel cylinders, and the master cylinder. We make sure you have enough brake pad material for the number of miles you expect to drive, and we check for leaks. 


If you have a light that is burned out or not working, you can almost guarantee seeing bubblegum lights in your rearview mirror. We’ll check all the vehicle lights to ensure that everything is working, including taillights, turn signals, high and low-beam headlights, brake lights, and running lights. 


When we check the fluids, we also top them off. We’ll also check for fluid leaks. The fluids include windshield washer fluid, coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, oil, and, when applicable, transmission fluid. 

Steering and Suspension

While the vehicle is on the lift, we’ll check the steering and suspension components to ensure everything is tight and the steering is not leaking. Worn suspension components could cause abnormal tire wear. To avoid trouble with the tires, we’ll ensure that everything is nice and tight. 

Charging System

When we check the charging system, we check the battery to make sure it is holding a charge. We also check the date on the battery. If it is close to the end of the warranty date, we recommend changing the battery, especially if you are going to a cold climate. We also check to ensure the alternator is charging properly. 

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We check much more on the vehicle when we perform a pre-trip inspection. Contact the office to schedule an appointment for a pre-trip inspection in the Hamptons NY before you leave on a road trip.