Bock Auto, Amagansett, Ny: Young couple sitting in vehicle with car salesman unsure of what to do; buy used or new car

Ready to Buy a Car? A Look at New vs Used Vehicles

When it comes time to replace your vehicle, you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons of new vs used cars. Once you do that, you can zero in on the make and model that will serve you best. And all the research you do can also help you avoid 

Bock Auto, Amagansett, Ny: Young couple sitting in vehicle with car salesman unsure of what to do; buy used or new car

a serious case of buyer’s remorse. To help you figure out whether a new or used vehicle will work for you, here’s a look at the most important factors to consider.

There’s Only One Way to Enjoy That New Car Smell

Although air freshener companies have tried to recreate it, there’s only one true way to enjoy that new car smell: By buying new car fresh off the lot. With that move, you can revel in the scent of your brand-new vehicle as you flit from place to place in style. Take it all in while you can, too, since that scent diminishes about 20% per week once it leaves the lot.

Even after the new car smell is gone, however, you can revel in the beauty of owning a car that’s all your own. You can rest assured that no one else has put it through its paces before you had a chance to drive it around town.

When Buying Used Car, Maintenance Records are Key

Although used cars have been touched all over by at least one previous owner, there’s a way to tell that they’ve been well cared for through the miles: Maintenance records. By looking for used cars that come with a thick stack of maintenance records, you can feel confident about the purchase.

As long as it runs and drives right ­– and the fluids look good – the records likely indicate that you’re getting a car that won’t suffer catastrophic failure in the near future. Just make sure that you’re equally committed to having your auto repair shop in the Hamptons perform its key services on time to keep it in great condition.   

New Cars Come with Great Deals ­

When you buy a new car, you have a chance to get great deals and incentives that offset the purchase price. You usually have to ask the salesperson what sales they’re running to get the inside scoop. But once you do that, you can use that info to make the best purchase decision possible. As an added benefit, depending on which model you pick, you’ll likely get all the new safety and entertainment technology at your fingertips.

You Can Skip All the Deprecation with Used Cars

With a used car, you can skip all the depreciation that happens as it rolls off the lot. Most new cars lose up to 40% of their value in about five years with the biggest drops occurring in the first two. After 10 years, it’s possible those same cars will be worth 30% of their original MSRP. That’s a big price to pay for peace of mind.

Talk with Bock Auto for Key Insights and Car Inspection Services

By keeping all these factors in mind, you can decide if a new or used car will serve your needs best. If you’ve settled on buying a used car over new, have your team at Bock Auto perform a pre-purchase inspection to confirm you’re getting a good deal. We will look the vehicle over from nose to tail, and then let you know what services are due. As your trusted Amagansette auto repair team, we can also handle all of its maintenance and repair needs in the future. Give us a call at 631-267-5631 to find a convenient time to come down to our shop.