Why Tires Bulges Spell Trouble – and What to Do About It with Bock Auto in Amagansett, NY closeup image of bulge in tire that came in shop

Why Tires Bulges Spell Trouble – and What to Do About It

With a brief inspection of your tires before every drive, you can watch for significant issues that could spell trouble during your travels. Although cracks, punctures, and excessive wear all demand prompt attention, tire bulges might leave you guessing about what to do. Fortunately, your trusted Amagansett NY auto repair team is here to help with this guide on tire bulges and what to do about them.   

What is a Tire Bulge?

Tire bulges occur as the inner support layers fail, allowing the air pressure to bubble the outer rubber. Without the extra support, the bulging area has a relatively high chance of popping during your travels. If that happens, your car could careen out of control and cause you to get into a collision.  

Bubbles on the tire surface often occur along the outer sidewall, although they can also appear on the tread if a belt breaks. Bulges are also possible along the inner sidewall, making them difficult to spot while your car is on the ground. You may then need to rely on your Amagansett NY mechanic to let you know if the tires look like they could use replacement due to bubbles in the surface. 

Top Causes of Tire Bubbles

Bulges can appear on your tire for several reasons, including:

  • Impact: Hitting a pothole, curb, or debris in the road can weaken the inner tire structure
  • Overinflation: Too much air pressure often causes the inner layers to separate and fall apart
  • Defect: Manufacturing defects can potentially cause the inner tire layers to fail prematurely

No matter the cause, tire bulges demand prompt attention. To play it safe, put on your spare and bring your car down to our auto repair shop to get the damaged tire replaced. Unlike punctures and other minor tire damage, bulges are not repairable since there’s no way to restore the inner layers of the tire.

Your technician can help you find the best replacement tire for your driving style, budget, and preferences. Then, they can put the new tire on your rim, balance the rubber, and mount your replacement tire on your car. You may also want to have your tires rotated and get a wheel alignment at that time to keep all four corners wearing evenly mile after mile.

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