Classic Car Service

Service and Repair for Classic Cars in Amagansett East Hampton

Classic Car Service

Classic Car Repair and Service

Everybody loves a classic car. There’s just something about the lines of the body, the shine of the chrome, and the rumble of the engine that makes everyone smile when they’re in the presence of old, American iron.

At Bock Auto, we’re suckers for a classic car. We love working on new and old technology alike. Whether we’re working on a 60’s Camaro with a modern fuel injected engine or a 50’s Pontiac with 3×2 carbs, we love the nostalgia and the challenge of working on the cars of yesteryear.

A 53 Corvette sits outside of the bays at Bock Automotive

What Services Do We Perform On Classic Cars

We’ll do pretty much anything to your classic car that we’ll do on your modern daily driver, including:

Scheduling Service On Your Classic Car

The best thing to do when scheduling auto repair or maintenance services for your classic car is to give us a call first. This will allow us to learn about your vehicle and its specific needs. Often, getting the right parts for a classic isn’t as easy as calling up your local auto-parts store. We want to be sure we’re ready to serve you and your classic with the highest level of service. To get started, give us a call at 631-267-5631.