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Fall Car Care for Your Classics, Euros, and More

In the coming weeks, the Hamptons’ warm summer weather will go racing for the 50s as the rainclouds roll in overhead. As that happens, you just know that it’s time to get your classics, Euro cars, and everything in between ready for the fall weather. Thankfully, our team at Bock Auto makes fall car care as easy as pie, so you can safely get to your destinations all season long. Ready to get started? Here’s what we can do for you.

Keep a Clear View Ahead

Your lights and wipers need to be in prime condition to keep you seeing the way ahead. Otherwise, you may struggle to get a clear view as the skies turn gloomy and rain starts to fall. Thankfully, your tech can prevent that from happening by changing out your wipers for a new set and refilling your windshield washer fluid. Plus, they can check the function of all your lights, install new bulbs, and even restore your headlight lenses to brighten them up even more.

Maintain a Firm Grip on the Road

As your tire tread wears down, it loses the ability to quickly evacuate standing water and maintain a firm grip on the road. Over time, this increases your risk of hydroplaning over puddles, small and large. If you’d like to avoid all that drama, you can have your tires inspected and replaced if they’re near the 2/32nds mark. On top of that, your mechanic can perform a tire rotation and wheel alignment to maximize the performance of your tires while keeping wear to a minimum.

Maximize Your Stopping Power

Since your stopping power decreases on wet surfaces, there’s no room for worn brakes as the weather takes a turn for the worse. To ensure that they’re up for the job, your auto tech will measure the pad and rotor wear. Then, they’ll let you know if you need to get brake service done or if it can wait a while. Are you running brake drums and shoes instead? They can also inspect them, make any necessary adjustments, and replace parts as needed to keep everything working as intended.

Complete Any Pending Factory Recommended Maintenance

If you have any factory-recommended maintenance due, the start of the season is a great time to take care of it. With that move, you’ll know that your car is ready for whatever lies ahead. You can then head out on all your travels without worry about getting stranded as the rain comes down full force. If you’re not sure what’s due, just talk to your mechanic at our Hamptons, NY auto repair shop to find out.

Need Auto Repair in Hamptons, NY?

If you’re ready to handle all your fall car care services, dial 631-267-5631 to speak with our team at Bock Auto. As your source for timely auto repair in Hamptons, NY, we’ll quickly get your car ready for the rainy season, no matter what you drive. We expertly maintain Euros, classic cars, and even hybrids to ensure that your beloved vehicles stay in excellent condition through every season. Please feel free to reach out whenever it’s convenient for you, so we can complete your fall car care before the rainy weather arrives.