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How Do I Keep My Battery Good in Winter?

Batteries hate the cold. If you have a weak car battery, you can count on it not starting during the winter. 

The chemical reaction that causes the battery to create power needs heat. The cold won’t allow it to do the job well, starting the vehicle. At 32 degrees Fahrenheit, a battery loses 20 to 35 percent of its strength. 

If you plan to visit other places during the winter and drive a vehicle you have stored for a long time, make an appointment first with Bock Auto for your car winterization. 

What Happens In a Frozen Car Battery

When the temperature drops to minus 22 degrees Fahrenheit, the power your car battery puts out can drop by 50 percent. In this condition, it won’t have enough juice to start the vehicle. 

Batteries also take longer to charge in cold weather. Worse, if a battery is older, it can freeze if it gets to about minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Moreover, the cold can damage the battery. When the sulfuric acid solution freezes, it expands and warps the lead plates and also cracks the battery casing. Once the acid thaws, it will leak all over the place and could cause quite a bit of damage, depending on the battery’s location.

If the battery’s casing is bulged or cracked, do not attempt to start the vehicle, as the battery is most likely damaged beyond repair. 

However, if the battery casing looks fine, you can move the battery to a warm place and let it thaw on its own. Do not use a space heater or hair dryer to thaw it. 

Once thawed, reinstall the battery and see if it will start the vehicle. If not, you’ll need to see if it will hold a charge or just replace it.

What to Do with Your Car Battery During Winter

When you know how to preserve a car battery, you significantly reduce the risk of a battery failure in winter and being stranded. Bock Auto in Amagansett, NY will help you with vehicle winterization, including checking car batteries.

Test the Battery

An auto repair specialist at Bock Auto can test your battery. This will show whether the battery is viable enough to survive the winter. 

Usually, you only need to test batteries that are three years old or older. However, if the battery is in a vehicle you do not often drive (in this case, the alternator is not constantly charging the battery), you should test the battery even if it’s only a year or two old.

Store Your Vehicle In Moderate Conditions

Parking inside a garage attached to the house can help moderate the temperature. So, park the vehicle inside if possible. This could raise the temperature just enough to keep the battery from freezing.

Keep the Terminals Clean

Because of the acid in batteries, the terminals often develop corrosion. Always keep the battery terminals, including the battery cables, cleared from any corrosion. Even a little bit of corrosion can cause hard starting. 

If you are uncomfortable cleaning the battery terminals, the auto technicians at Bock Auto can help in cleaning them.

Replace the Battery

If the battery’s solution is weak, replace the battery, so you don’t end up stranded. Even if you live in Amagansett, NY throughout the winter and drive nearly every day, a weak battery can still leave you stranded in the middle of winter.

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