Do European Cars Need Special Care This Fall?

New York’s cold season can wreak havoc on any European car, especially if you don’t drive it often. So, before the cold sets in, make an appointment for fall maintenance.

It doesn’t matter whether you plan to drive your car in cold conditions or store it until spring. This isn’t your typical manufacturer-recommended maintenance. This is to get your vehicle ready for the cold.

Here are some things that need to be checked during fall season.


October is Fall Car Care Month. And it’s a good time to be reminded to check car fluids. Like oil and brake, power steering, and transmission fluids that should be checked and topped off.

Antifreeze needs special mention. It needs to be tested if it’s older than two or three years or if diluted with water. That’s because it stops working after some time or if it’s too diluted, which can cause the engine block to freeze.


When people think of car maintenance, they think of fluids, brakes, or even belts and hoses. Only a few will think of tires. That’s because they affect handling performance and braking ability.

Thus, one of the best car care tips this fall is to check the tires. More so if you are driving in cold conditions. Without the proper air pressure and amount of tread, you could easily spin out and crash on slippery surfaces.


We can’t stress enough how important that you ensure all the vehicle’s lights work. Even light snow can reduce visibility. If other drivers can’t see you, they’ll crash into you.

Thus, make sure all the lights work. Like the headlights, brake lights, tail lights, turn signals, the light in the rear window (if applicable), and running lights.

Wiper Blades

Another important item that you should check is the wiper blades. The sun, heat, and cold take a toll on the rubber wiper blades. If the blades do not remove all the rain, snow, or slush from the window, it’s more difficult for you to see while it’s storming. Even a streak left by a dry-rotted blade can obstruct your vision.

Heater and Defroster

Driving your European vehicle during the cold months is uncomfortable. That’s all the more reason to have a working heater and defroster.

We know the heater essentially regulates temperature. Without the defroster, you won’t be able to keep the windows free of fog. It’s too easy to lose control while constantly reaching over the steering wheel to clear the windshield.

If the heater or the defroster is blowing cold air, Bock Auto in Amagansett, NY can diagnose and repair the problem.

Let Bock Auto Maintain Your European Car This Fall

Whether you need factory-recommended maintenance or check your vehicle before the cold weather sets in for good, contact us at (631) 267-5631 for an appointment. We are conveniently located at 541 Montauk Highway, Amagansett, NY 11930.

We can complete the regular maintenance if it’s time for it and check the extras for the coming cold months.