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Hybrid Battery Repair vs. Replacement: Making the Right Decision

If you have a hybrid, you’ll have to replace the battery sooner or later. Before you can make a decision to replace it or repair it, you should know how it works. A hybrid battery is a type of battery pack that contains many individual cells, ranging from 120 to over 240, which work together to provide the voltage required to run the electric motors in your hybrid vehicle.

The unique challenge with these batteries is that the failure of one cell might not be immediately apparent. Your dashboard warning lights may not illuminate until 80 percent or more of the cells have failed, yet even one malfunctioning cell can impact fuel economy, acceleration, and other aspects of vehicle performance. Recognizing these challenges, Bock Auto in Amagansett, NY, specializes in both the repair and replacement of hybrid batteries, ensuring your vehicle continues to operate efficiently and reliably.

Signs You Need Hybrid Battery Replacement or Repair

Your vehicle will warn you of impending hybrid battery failure. Some of the signs that you need car battery repair or replacement include:

  • Decreased Fuel Economy: As the efficiency of the battery decreases, your vehicle relies on the gas engine more and more. You’ll notice the miles per gallon decreasing since the hybrid battery doesn’t last as long or has bad cells.
  • Decreased Power: If you notice that your vehicle doesn’t have as much power, you most likely have a problem with the hybrid battery.
  • Dashboard Lights: Watch for warning lights on the dashboard. If they tell you that you have a problem with the hybrid battery, it’s time to bring it immediately to Bock Auto in Amagansett NY.

The Lifespan of a Hybrid Battery

Just like traditional lead-acid car batteries in gas- and diesel-powered cars, hybrid batteries are affected by weather conditions, driving habits, the year, make and model of your vehicle and more. Hybrid batteries generally last 75,000 to 93,000 miles – generally about seven years.

The Difference Between Reconditioning, Repairing and Replacing Your Hybrid Battery

Reconditioning the hybrid battery is a process that only an experienced auto technician at Bock Auto in Amagansett NY, with the proper equipment, can do. Your auto tech can also replace damaged cells. After testing a hybrid battery, your auto tech can tell you if you should go for battery repair or replacement – or recondition it.

Reconditioning a Hybrid Battery

If your hybrid battery is only a few years old, instead of battery replacement, you could recondition it. Reconditioning can cost a lot less than hybrid battery replacement. The auto tech discharges the battery below the level that your vehicle would allow you to during normal operation. The tech then charges and balances the battery. He repeats this process several times over 20 hours. It’s the deep discharge process that can restore the modules’ capacity.

Hybrid Battery Repair

Unlike hybrid battery reconditioning, hybrid battery repair replaces damaged cells. Your Bock Auto technician tests the battery for bad cells and then takes the battery apart to replace the malfunctioning cells. Our testing equipment shows the health of each cell in the battery pack, including voltage, amp hours and resistance.

Hybrid Battery Replacement

If your hybrid battery is seven years old or older, reconditioning and repairing the battery would cost nearly as much as a new battery – it is more cost-effective to replace the battery. Likewise, if something happens to the battery and it is still under warranty, it is more cost-effective to replace it, even if it’s only a couple of years old.

Contact Bock Auto

If you have a hybrid or electric vehicle and are having trouble with the batteries, our experienced EV technicians can test the batteries for you. Upon testing, we will advise as to whether you can recondition, repair or replace the batteries.

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To ensure clarity and accuracy in discussing the lifespan of hybrid batteries, it is important to note that the statements made regarding the necessity of replacement after seven years and lifespan expectations may not universally apply to all hybrid batteries. Advancements in technology and variances between different makes and models can significantly influence these factors. Therefore, the information and advice provided herein should be considered as general guidelines, and individual circumstances may indeed vary. For precise advice and guidelines on hybrid battery repair and replacement, vehicle owners are strongly encouraged to refer to their specific vehicle’s manual and adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Additionally, if you need assistance understanding your vehicle’s manual or manufacturer’s guidelines, do not hesitate to reach out to Bock Auto for guidance and support.