Safe winter driving tips for driving in Amagansett, Ny from Bock Auto: cars driving in wintry conditions with lights on

Safe winter driving tips for driving in Amagansett, New York from your trusted auto repair shop: Bock Auto

New York itself — and especially the Hamptons and Amagansett — offer many diverse amenities that draw people to the area. The adventures that winter ushers in is just one of many. However, driving in the state during that time conjures up a host of potential challenges and at Bock Auto, we want to make sure you are prepared. Here are some safe driving tips for navigating in Amagansett and beyond this winter. 

Safe winter driving tips for driving in Amagansett, Ny from Bock Auto: cars driving in wintry conditions with lights on

Practice Patience

Winter weather means that you’ll need to slow down and allow for more time to reach your destination. While every road has a posted speed limit, remember that these are applicable only for normal weather conditions. When it’s snowy, windy, and/or icy, plan to drive more slowly and leave the house ahead of time to allow you the ease of slowing down.

Keep Your Distance

Lengthen the distance between your vehicle and other objects, including vehicles. Allow yourself extra time to stop, turn, and make other routine maneuvers. 

Be a Defensive Driver

While you should always practice being a defensive driver, there is no time when this is more important than during winter weather conditions. Many people change their driving habits to match the road conditions, but there are still some that do not. Stay alert to how other drivers are faring and you could gain valuable reaction time. 

Opt for the Right Equipment

Adding tire chains or snow tires to your vehicle gives you additional traction. This could make the difference between being able to safely navigate the roads and sliding into a ditch or other vehicles. If you are in need of tire services, we will be happy to assist you!

Keep Your Lights On

You want to make yourself as visible as possible to other vehicles. Make sure that your car’s lights are always on when driving in wintry conditions. Don’t be afraid to use your hazards lights to alert other drivers when you are moving slowly or to unsafe road events like an accident. 

Pack a Road Safety Kit

At Bock Auto, our customers’ safety is at the top of our priorities especially when they are on the road! You should always have a road safety kit with you while you’re driving. This is especially true during the winter. Keep warm clothes, non-perishable food and water, a small snow shovel, and an ice scraper in there. 

Properly Maintain Your Vehicle

Always keep your vehicle properly maintained. You can bring it in to be inspected regularly with us here at Bock Auto and we will be sure to check that the spare tire is adequate. At Bock Auto, we have an open door policy. Ask us if there are any specific services that you should have done to help weather the winter. 

Check Your Gas Level

Before you get started driving, make sure you have plenty of gas to get to your destination, as well as some extra. Not only will this help avoid you getting stranded, but it is also good for the health of your car to keep the gas level up. 

Head to Bock Auto for all your auto repair questions and needs. We can help you get your vehicle ready for the challenging New York winter weather. Contact us today to schedule an appointment today!