Getting your car ready for the road after it has been sitting all winter

Waking Your Car Up From Its Winter Nap

When your vehicle sits unattended for a period of time, it may not run as well as it did before – or in some cases, at all. Your battery can lose its charge, rubber components like hoses and windshield wipers can degrade, and the A/C’s refrigerant can leak. Before getting behind the wheel this summer, it’s important to have your vehicle checked thoroughly to ensure it’s running properly and will be safe on the road. Here’s what we’ll do to get your car ready for summer.

Check the Battery

If you left your vehicle with a light on or the door slightly ajar, you definitely won’t be able to start it when you get back. Even if you properly secured your vehicle before leaving it, due to the parasitic draw of today’s vehicles and their many computers, the battery may have still lost its charge. In many cases, the battery can simply be recharged. Occasionally, the battery will no longer hold a charge and will need to be replaced.

Check the Fluids

Before you drive your car, it’s important to have all of the fluids checked, including the oil, transmission fluid, and wiper fluid. If you have a small leak or if your vehicle was in a place where condensation could form, the fluid levels could be low or the fluid could have become contaminated during the time your vehicle was unoccupied. We’ll make sure your fluids are in good condition and at the appropriate level before driving your car and replace any fluids as needed. If you suspect a leak, have your vehicle assessed as soon as possible.

Check the Tires

Cold weather takes a toll on tires since their pressure changes with the temperatures. As temperatures fluctuate, the pressure in your tires goes up and down. The tires can also become flat-spotted after sitting in one place with the weight of the vehicle on them for months. At our facility, we’ll check your tire condition and pressure, and look for any less obvious issues.

Check Rubber Components

As your vehicle sits through harsh Northern temperatures in the winter, the rubber components like hoses, belts, and windshield wipers harden, dry out, and degrade. Driving with a problematic belt or hose can result in a breakdown if the component fails while you’re on the road. We will check all rubber parts under your hood to make sure they’re intact and in good condition before you begin using your vehicle for the summer.

Check the HVAC System

It’s not uncommon for vehicles that haven’t been in use for a few months to have some refrigerant loss and need a recharge and leak detection performed before the HVAC system will cool properly. Not having a well performing air conditioning system in your vehicle can be frustrating, but it can be a simple fix. We’ll check your HVAC system and make sure it’s cooling properly and brings your car to a comfortable temperature before you drive it.

How Bock Auto Can Help

At Bock Auto, we know you’re ready to enjoy your summer. We can check your vehicle for major issues like degraded hoses or a dead battery and bring it back to peak operating performance quickly. Contact us to learn more or to schedule your maintenance or auto repair appointment.

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