A funny meme making fun of the various malfunction indicator lamps that can come on in your car

What the Lights On Your Dash Are Telling You

We recently shared this meme on our Facebook page and many people got a kick out of it. While this graphic may have been funny, it’s not funny when a malfunction indicator lamp comes on in your car.

The lights on your vehicle’s dashboard can be concerning. They’re sometimes difficult to understand, and naturally, terror strikes when you see them light up on your dash.

A funny meme making fun of the various malfunction indicator lamps that can come on in your car

Some of them look like a person with melting arms or holding a beach ball — just how are you supposed to make sense of these?  

While it’s humorous to consider that the indicator for your brights looks like a comet or your oil light resembles a genie lamp, the lights on your dashboard are actually an important tool in detecting changes in your vehicle’s function. Here’s the truth about what the lights on your dash are telling you.

They're Warning You Ahead of Time About Potential Issues

Your dash lights are rarely an indication that you are in immediate danger or that there’s a problem with your vehicle that will cause it to suddenly stop running. However, they do warn you ahead of time about things that may become potential issues. For example, if your SRS light is on, this may indicate that an issue with your airbags may prevent them from properly deploying in the event of an accident. While this typically is not something that is going to cause you harm right away, it is a problem that could be quite serious, even deadly, should you happen to get into a collision.

A more critical (as far as immediate concern) dash light to be aware of is your battery light. This could potentially mean that your alternator has stopped charging the battery, which means your vehicle is running only on the energy stored in the battery and the battery is not being recharged. Eventually, your car will slow down, stop, and be unable to restart.

My Car Is Running Fine, So I'm Not Worried About My Dash Lights

If this is you, you’re not alone. Many vehicle owners don’t pay attention to the lights on their dashboard unless their vehicle is making funny sounds, doesn’t have good heating or cooling, or breaks down in the middle of the road. While there are some electrical issues that can cause dash lights to come on absent of any issues with the system the light is connected to, this is not often the case. Your dash lights are giving you a signal that something is wrong and needs to be diagnosed and corrected before it gets worse.

Take the check engine light, for example. This is the most feared of all dash lights since it tends to be the most serious. If it comes on, it could indicate a fuel mixture issue that will damage your catalytic converters – a multi-thousand dollar repair.

Do you have a warning light illuminated on your dash? Let Us Check It Out!

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